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Sesame Street Let's Count Personalized Book

Does your little one love Sesame Street? What about everyone's favorite friendly red monster?  In our Personalized Let's Count on Sesame Street book, your little one will join Elmo on a fun-filled hiking adventure while helping Elmo learn to count. 

Our personalized children's books are written in a way that truly brings your child into the story. Our messages are positive, wholesome, and fun! And our colorful illustrations are sure to delight. 

Your book will be custom-printed after your order is placed and includes the child's name, address, age and much more throughout the book. My Day on Sesame Street is a hardback book, 24 pages in length, and measures 9" x 6", the perfect size for smaller hands.

Theme: Personalized Character Book, Personalized Preschool Book

Please enter your personalization information below. Your customization will be spelled exactly as entered below, so please ensure correct spelling.

Child's First Name / Nickname:
(Ex. Michael / Mike. Nickname is optional. If a nickname is entered, it will be the name most used throughout the book.)

Child's Last Name:

Child's Nickname (optional):
(Example: Mike for Michael. If you add a nickname, it will be the name primarily used to refer to the child throughout the book.)

Child's Age:

Child's Gender:

Child's City and/or State:
(The book will discuss where the child is from, so you may enter their hometown, state, or both.)

First Names of 2-3 Friends or Relatives:
(Can be specific, like: Cousin John, Joey and Emma, or generic like: Mommy, Daddy and Sissy)

(Example: We hope you have a great birthday. Love, Grandma and Grandpa)

Our Personalized Children's Books are custom-printed after your order is placed. Standard processing time is approximately 6-10 business days. While we do make every attempt to process orders within 10 business days, this is not a guarantee. Because our products are individually assembled, production times may vary during the holidays or other high order volume periods. 

If you would like your product sooner, you may select "Rush Processing" when placing your order. This option guarantees that your item will be shipped within 5 business days. The cost for rush processing is $5.00 per rushed item. Rush processing is not available for products that ship directly from the manufacturer.

*Please note: Your Personalized book will not contain yellow highlighting.  We have simply done that here to point out the areas of the story that are personalized*

Sarah Stan helps Elmo count

Enjoy your adventure! Love you, Dad

Poor Elmo! Everyone was ready for the big hike through the park but him. Sarah Stan, age 3, from Houston, Texas, found Elmo sitting sadly on the steps of 123 Sesame Street. 

"What's the matter, Elmo?" asked Sarah, swinging a backpack. Elmo sighed. "Elmo is supposed to bring 10 sandwiches on the hike, but Elmo isn't good at counting to 10." 
"Come on, I'll help you," said Sarah. "Juli, John and Mommy always help me when I need it. That's what friends are for!" 


With help from Sarah, the sandwiches were soon ready and everyone set off on the hike. As they hiked, they heard a loud growl.   
"Yikes!" yelped Bert. "Bears!"  Ernie laughed. "Nope. That's just my tummy telling me it's time for a snack." His tummy growled again.  "Who has the backpack?" asked Sarah. "There are snacks inside."  "Elmo has one backpack," said Elmo, as Big Bird pulled some apples from the pack. "Yum, yum, two apples. One for Elmo and one for Ernie's hungry tummy." 


The path led to a wide stream.  
"Watch me!" shouted Prarie Dawn. "I won't get wet." She jumped across the brook on some stones.  "Elmo can you count the stones?" asked Sarah"Yes, yes. Three stones." Elmo hopped across. Hop, hop, hop.  Pop, pop, pop! Three heads popped out of the water.  "Look Elmo," laughed Sarah. "Those stones were really turtles!"  "Elmo can count turtles, too!" said Elmo. "One, two, three!" 


In a sunny spot beside the brook, Sarah spotted something else for Elmo to count. "Take a look at those bumps on the log," Sarah said.  
"Ooooh. One, two, three, four lumpy bumps on a log," counted Elmo. "Four bumps that look like..."  Ribbit, ribbit, croak, croak! The four bumps jumped away.  Sarah grinned. "Four lumpy frogs like bumps on a log! Juli, John and Mommy would sure like to see those funny frogs." 


When they reached a bright green meadow, everyone ran and played in the long grass.  
"I spy five things, Elmo," Said Sarah. "Can you guess what they are?"  "Where? What?" said Elmo. "Elmo sees lots of things."  "I'll give you a hint," said Sarah. "The five things I see are little and green and squiggle a lot."  "Okay, Elmo will look for five little green things that squiggle." 


! Elmo saw five little green, squiggly caterpillars," shouted Elmo.  
"You're getting very good at counting, Elmo," said Sarah. "Listen, can you hear the knocks?"  Tap! Tap! Tap! Elmo listened carefully. Tap! Tap! Tap! "Elmo hears six knocks."  "Yes!" said Sarah. "See, high in the tree, six birds pecking away." 


Next, Sarah and her friends hiked to a small waterfall. Sarah picked up a shiny pebble and tossed it into the pool beneath the falls. it landed with a mighty splash. K E R P L U N K!  
Elmo gathered seven stones. But, before he could pitch the first pebble, some fish popped up and yelled, "Hey, cut that out!"  "Whoops! Sorry, you guys." Sarah gulped. "Uh, how many fish do you see, Elmo?"  "Eight fish," said Elmo. "Eight ANGRY fish. Let's get out of here!" 


"Do you want to play a game?" said Sarah as they hiked through some tall pine trees. "Let's see who can find the most pine cones."  
Elmo looked the hardest. He found more than all the others.  "Elmo has nine! Nine pine cones." Elmo groaned. "Help! Elmo can't carry nine pine cones, Sarah."  "Don't worry, we'll help you plant them so they'll grow into trees," said Sarah. "Nine pine trees are almost a forest." 


By now, everyone was hungry. Sarah picked a picnic spot and said, "Let's eat!"  
Big Bird poured the lemonade. Ernie and Bert passed out cookies. Prarie Dawn unpacked grapes.  "My tummy's hungry again," said Ernie. "Where are the sandwiches, Elmo?" I hope you brought a lot!"  "Elmo and Sarah made ten sandwiches," said Elmo. He counted them out slowly. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!"  "Ten sandwiches sure is a lot," said Ernie, munching happily. 


"Congratulations, Elmo," said Sarah. "Today you counted one backpack, two apples, three turtles, four frogs, five caterpillars, six birds, seven pebbles, eight fish, nine pine cones, and ten sandwiches, all by yourself."  
"Sarah is right," Elmo said. "Elmo DID count all that."  Sarah smiled. It'll be fun telling Juli, John and Mommy  about the fun stuff you counted when I get home to Houston, Texas."  "You can tell them one more funny thing Elmo counted," giggled Elmo. "Look Sarah! One sandwich being carried away by ten ants!"
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