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African American Heroes Personalized Book

On the eve of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, your little one will embark on an adventure to Dreamland, where they will meet some of history's most influential African Americans.  Your child will enjoy learning about these great historical heroes in our Personalized African American Heroes book.  

Our personalized children's books are written in a way that truly brings your child into the story. Our messages are positive, wholesome, and fun! And our colorful illustrations are sure to delight. 

Your book will be custom-printed after your order is placed and includes the child's name, address, age and much more throughout the book. My Day on Sesame Street is a hardback book, 24 pages in length, and measures 9" x 6", the perfect size for smaller hands.

Theme: Personalized Inspirational Book, Personalized Milestone Book

Please enter your personalization information below. Your customization will be spelled exactly as entered below, so please ensure correct spelling.

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(Example: We hope you have a great birthday. Love, Grandma and Grandpa)

Our Personalized Children's Books are custom-printed after your order is placed. Standard processing time is approximately 6-10 business days. While we do make every attempt to process orders within 10 business days, this is not a guarantee. Because our products are individually assembled, production times may vary during the holidays or other high order volume periods. 

If you would like your product sooner, you may select "Rush Processing" when placing your order. This option guarantees that your item will be shipped within 5 business days. The cost for rush processing is $5.00 per rushed item. Rush processing is not available for products that ship directly from the manufacturer.

*Please note: Your Personalized book will not contain yellow highlighting.  We have simply done that here to point out the areas of the story that are personalized*


Marvin Jones and African-American Heroes
We love you, from Mom and Dad
Marvin Jones, age 8, of Atlanta, Georgia, was excited. Tomorrow is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. John, Sarah, and Grandpa said there will be a big celebration in honor of Dr. King. As Marvin drifted off to sleep, suddenly a magic carpet appeared. "Hop on," the magic carpet said. "We've got a tour planned just for you." Before Marvin could blink, the magic carpet sailed away.
"I have a dream..." boomed a loud voice. Marvin could see a big crowd of people listening to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "Welcome to Dreamland," said the carpet as it glided to a landing. "This is a place for people who want their dreams to come true," it explained. "Dr. King worked hard to make dreams come true for all people. He received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with the Civil Rights Movement."

"Wow!" This place is great. I wish John, Sarah, and Grandpa  could be here," thought Marvin as the carpet raced away. "Next Stop, George Washington Carver's Dreamland Laboratory," the magic carpet announced. Marvin saw a man surrounded by people, plants and scientific equipment. "George Washington Carver spent his whole life studying plants," the magic carpet went on. "His discoveries helped farmers grow better crops. Peanuts were his specialty, and he discovered many uses for them." Marvin was amazed. All these famous people right before his eyes. "Where do we go next?" Marvin asked the talking carpet. 

"Next stop, Mary McLeod Bethune Dreamland School," said the carpet. "In Dreamland boys and girls have all sorts of dreams of what they want to be when they grow up. This is where they learn one very important Dreamland rule. You have to work very hard and try your very best." "This is cool," Marvin said. "Welcome to Dreamland School," Mrs. Bethune greeted Marvin . "I was a teacher and started a school in Florida for black girls. Today, that school is the Bethune-Cookman College. I always believed in self-respect, self-reliance and self-pride could make dreams come true. And that's what I teach my Dreamland students. Do you have a dream, Marvin ?" 

Before Marvin could answer, the carpet was moving again. "On your right is the Thurgood Marshall Dreamland City Center," the carpet pointed out. "President Lyndon Johnson chose Thurgood Marshall to be a Supreme Court Judge." Marvin saw a town square with big granite buildings. "Look, there's Judge Marshall now," said the carpet as it slowly floated to a stop. "Welcome, Marvin ," Judge Marshall said in a friendly voice. "This is where we teach people to vote, to obey the laws of the land, and to be fair. As a judge on the Supreme Court, I have always been committed to fairness." Marvin was having a lot of fun and wished that John, Sarah, and Grandpa could be in Dreamland, too. 

"Hurry, Marvin , it's time for the "I Have a Dream Parade." And this year, you get to be the leader!" said the magic carpet. The next thing Marvin knew, the alarm clock rang and a familiar voice asked, "Did you forget the Martin Luther King celebration is today?"  "Forget!" Marvin thought. "I can't wait to tell Percy and Shelly about my exciting adventure in Dreamland." 
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